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Araz To Huzurala TUS an Alvazaratus Saifiyah initiative for Online Arzi to Aqa Maula ( TUS )


Given Fax No. Or Email Address Can Be Use To Send Arzi To HUZURALA TUS 

Email Address: 

Guidelines for Email Arzi

The SUBJECT line must state clearly what the arzi is for. Examples of appropriate titles are:
  • Araz for name of child
  • Raza to open a shop
  • Araz for dua on ocassion of ....
  • Araz for dua for medical problems
  • Raza for Hajj/ziyarat of Kerbela/Misr/Yemen/India

Fax Number: +44 (0) 8700547350 (UK)
Fax Number:  +91-22-22658645 (INDIA)

Attachments may be sent, but only in GIF or JPEG format.

For general inquires please send mail with SUBJECT as "Inquiry Regarding ..."

Note:- Your Arzi Answere May Take Time So Do Not Send It Again & Again


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